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Your Focus Has Value

Your Focus … Has Value Have you ever been running late and you get all the red lights and the traffic seems to be moving at a snails pace? I know I have.

In todays blog I will share with you how your focus affects your results and I will give you 3 tips for shifting your focus. How often do you go to bed thinking of all the things you need to do tomorrow? Generally you wake up the next morning feeling overwhelmed and tired before you even get started and there will be a bit of anxiety and stress that has crept in. You will have also experienced a restless sleep as you were focussing on meeting your deadlines. Your thoughts will also include the ""What if I don't get it all done"" statement. Your focus is on overwhelm, chaos and even panic. Your focus is on no time and overwhelm. Write down what it is you need to do tomorrow and know that it is possible. Do you go to bed focussing on not forgetting something the following morning? It may be your gym bag, keys, lunch or even an umbrella.

You bounce out of bed and prepare for the day. You are either driving or sitting on the train and you start to make a mental note of the things you have done and picked up. Oh no it dawns on you that you forgot that one thing that you had been reminding yourself to pick up. Your focus was on forgetting. Put the item in a prominent place or write yourself a note and put it with your keys/phone. Know that you've got it. A great practise many of us adopt is one of prioritising - I will select 5 things that I need to do today and they will be my focus. When they are completed I will go back to my list and choose another and another. At the end of the day I feel like I have accomplished something and I often see greater productivity. Focus has value.

When I feel that my focus is scattered, I see myself bouncing from one thing to another, my ability to make a decision is slowed and my clarity about the direction I'm going is clouded. I stop and consider the three tips below

1. Listen, listen, listen - My language shapes my experience. Your language is about the way you hold yourself, the words you use to describe your reality and how you own your space. Can you remember the last time you were around a confident person? They stood tall, they listened intently, and they spoke with conviction and passion. Their language was gentle yet powerful, they had a presence about themselves. This is shaped by the words they use to describe their reality.

2. Raise your chin - Look where you are going When you are looking down you are accessing your past or living in the past, when your vision is at eye level, you are living in your now and if you raise your chin a little and look up you are accessing your future and visualising your opportunities. We cannot change yesterday, we can learn from it. We can experience our now and celebrate where and who we are. We can shape our future by the thoughts and actions of the now. Look up to see your many possibilities, one of them maybe the solution you want.

3. Acknowledge your voice - Yes that voice that nags you from within. This is your ego and it plays the role of keeping you safe. So it will scream when it feels fear or sees a challenge (something new). Acknowledge it by simply saying ""I hear you, thank you for the feedback. However I've got this."" and simply move within 5 seconds, change where you are standing sitting or lying, just move. This action encourages you to look up and explore the possibilities. Rather than thinking you need to do it all and not doing any of it well. Choose to do a few things well, hone your focus. Your focus has value, harness it and make your dreams your reality.

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