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Your Actions Are Your Bruises

Have you been struggling to get the results you are striving for? You are putting the effort in, however you feel like you are not getting the result you aspire to. This takes you to a state of mind whereby you beat yourself up. You tell yourself you are worthless, not good enough, not giving enough and not deserving.

You create the bruises with your stories. "I know I did this for a long time thinking that I was motivating my self. My self talk was harsh, aggressive and very critical. It ranged from a lack of self appreciation to deep critical harshness, I would continue this until I made myself angry…creating the pain of depression and anxiety In this state I became resentful. envious and insecure and this was a direct reflection of the poor relationship I had with myself. It’s tough to show up and care for those you love when you are not in the best mental state. Self doubt and self sabotage is part of life, however you can move on from this by renewing and reconnecting with yourself.

When you do this it is important that you tune in and turn up the dial on your story, your language and your self care program. Self bashing, self sabotaging does not grow you, it does not serve you, it allows you to stay small and hide. Do and see the things that you admire, embrace a new story and appreciate yourself and those around you, ultimately realising you are good enough, your are worthy and aspire to be your best in each and every moment. If you have found this valuable please, consider securing a complimentary coffee chat and continue the discovery of what is truly possible in your life.

For this and many more tips that will assist you in maintaining ""Your Cool Confidence"" please head over to the contact page on my website. Until next time please remember my favourite quote - Your Smile 😎 Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it "