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Have you been questioning your experience in life? Do you want more from your life than you have now? If you said “Yes” to these questions, the next step is to take complete responsibility for your life? In today’s blog I share with you how you can take responsibility for all of your life. "If you are like the majority of people you do not want a life of boredom, unhappiness and failures.Deep inside of most of us we are wanting to discover our purpose, along with a sense of success. I say a sense of success as we all experience this very differently. How do you define success? We so easily get caught up in the rush of life, we fill our days with work, chores, going to appointments, raising children, caring for family members, being a parent and of course we squeeze in some socialising. All the hustle and bustle can exhaust us. As a result of this we often accept the status quo of settling. We settle for the average role, the mediocre relationship, the negative emotional states that we evoke and the blaming of others for our shortfalls.

The whole point is we are tired and we have settled. we have a story running whereby we are convincing ourselves that it is what it is and we cannot change it……..we settle. Here’s the thing you can change it and it starts now by making a decision to accept responsibility for ALL of your life. We can live a busy life, we can be happy and we can be adventurous. We can learn to make the kind of changes that we need to experience the life we want.

3 tips for taking responsibility for your life.

1. Be courageous

This means you give up the excuses, stop the blaming and silence the complaining. Take the time to look into yourself and gain awareness of why your life is the way it is. Identify the areas that you want to grow and improve in and embrace 3 actions you will take to accept your part in the outcome.

2. Let go

The past is the past, you can embrace the leanings that you have received, however do not focus on the challenges. You can use your challenges to drive you forward. Let go of the excuses and stop the blaming of others, parents, school etc - define your success and know that you can be whatever you want to be. The pain that we carry takes energy away from the new things we can adopt and learn.

3. Make time to celebrate

Make time to record your achievements and progress. See how you have grown and the difference your growth is making. Sit down and evaluate your journey thus far. Explore where you are emotionally, professionally and financially. You may also use this time to review your goals and to plan what your next move maybe. Celebrating your accomplishments helps you to acknowledge how your life is changing and inspires you to keep going. What if I fall over? Get back up, dust off and go again……remember you are 100% responsible for your outcomes. This is not the time to give up, it is the time to adjust and go again. Is accepting responsibility for yourself and your life, easy… however it is worth it. When you create long lasting change, and truly take responsibility for yourself you will gain a deeper clarity around your purpose, your decision making, your willingness to change and a greater presence in your life. if you do decide that your want to make this change and you would like some support, take comfort in knowing that we can support you during this journey.

Sandra has experienced this journey herself and has many skills she can share with you. Life is a gift and it is our responsibility to create the experience we have of the journey. If you resonate with this blog and you are committed to making the change, however, you do not want to go it alone, take comfort in knowing I can support you, inspire you and celebrate you as we take this journey together, visit my website to learn more. For this and many more tips that will assist you in maintaining ""Your Cool Confidence"" please head over to the contact page on my website.

Until next time please remember my favourite quote - Your Smile 😎 Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it " "


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