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Who Do You Think You Are

If there is one thing I have learnt during my time as a coach, it is who I think I am shapes my experiences and my result in life. Over time my thinking has shifted to positivity and what has come with this is a belief that I am greater than any challenge that comes my way.

When a challenge comes across my path the one thing I hear my little voice ask is “Who do you think you are?” It is in this instance that I get to choose who I want to be. I choose to step towards the challenge and make the next move or to step way and hide in the hope the challenge may disappear. It was not until such time that I really understood the power of this question that I started to believe and truly transform my life and the results I am experiencing. If you too want to prevail in the face of hard times it all starts with you and how you perceive the moment. This thought will give you hope or it will make you want to give up as a lost cause. When you focus on the I can’t or the negative aspect of a situation, you will continue to feel miserable. There is truth in the following statements - Misery loves company, Drama creates drama. Continuously being negative does not attract good things. If you truly want to transform your life and your results, consider building conscious awareness of how you are thinking and how you are communicating your current reality. Start by challenging how you are thinking about a situation and who you are being right now. There are always people watching whether you are in a professional environment or out socialising with family and friends. Who you think you are is your responsibility therefore who you are being is also your responsibility. The journey of success and fulfilment in life is more of an emotional one than a change in your circumstance.

To put it simply you are the only person who can adopt the change in your thinking and what you are focussing on from moment to moment. Hence you are the only one that can change your result. When you choose to spend more time focussing on the positive things in life and viewing it through kindness, love, gratitude and hope and less time figuring out why you are unhappy, unfulfilled or lonely you will truly start to see and feel transformation taking place within you and around you. Be the difference for yourself, before expecting it from others. You, just like me, can actually choose to place yourself at the helm of the ship and steer your course in life by becoming aware of the magic you can create by being who you want to be in each moment. It all begins with your thought. Your Smile … Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it.

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