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The Nurturing Bear

A young lady lies on her bed, her heart broken, her mind racing and a tear stained pillow slip. A smile that has disappeared and been replaced by a dull face full of self doubt. I gently lean over and share with this beautiful young lady how important she is to my world and the special things she offers me as a close friend, a member of my inner circle. Only to hear her say “If only, I believed it”.

My nurturing bear presents wanting to scoop her up and help her to identify and believe that she is okay and that she is not alone. It wasn’t that long ago that I was where this young lady is in this moment and then I discovered my nurturing bear. I want you to know that I see you, I hear you and that you matter. This is all to common in today’s young people. This out pouring of emotion and self doubt is prevalent in men, women and youth. I see it in the majority of my clients everyday. These feelings are often bought on by an event or situation that does not play out the way we expect it to. it is also often at the hands of others. They do something or say something and we believe it to be true. We react to it and frequently going straight to a safe place or thought of “What did I do? or I am not worth it”.

We are the only person who can choose to believe or reject the hurtful comments or actions of others. We all have a nurturing bear within, it comes out when we are supporting family, friends, colleagues etc. What I am encouraging you to do is to get in touch with your nurturing bear and use it to support and encourage yourself. We all have the power to make the changes that will propel us towards our desired goals. These 3 tips is what I share with my clients in times of overwhelming self doubt, disappointment and internal insecurity. Be your own best friend - step into the shoes of another person. Hear the words you would be saying to your best friend in this time of need. They will be supportive words, loving words and kindness would be oozing from you. Try it on, it feels like a warm comforting shower. Be a space warrior - create the space for you to relax, slow down, appreciate things around you. I acknowledge that many of you may feel you don’t have time to slowdown. I share with you, you can slow down over a cup of coffee by gaining more awareness of the cup of coffee. Taste it, feel it’s warmth, enjoy the aroma……just be in the moment and trulysavour the flavour of your coffee.

Brighten your smile - do something that puts a smile on your face. It maybe watching your favourite movie, playing ball with your dog, going to the gym, whatever it is just do it. It was not until I opened my heart and met my nurturing bear that things started to change, turn the corner, improve or get better.

Your smile……….Your responsibility. I encourage you to adopt these 3 tips into your daily routine and keep an eye open for the difference they will make. If you want to learn more about your nurturing bear please head over to the contact page and secure your free coffee chat.

You have “The Power To Make Change” Your Smile…………Your Responsibility "