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Time, Respect, Unity, Support, Thanks Trust something so many of us strive to gain and give in many different areas of life. How do you build T.R.U.S.T for yourself and others? "As a parent we seek the trust from our children that they will communicate with us in times of need. As a partner we often seek trust in monogamy, hence being the one and only. As a friend we seek trust in the way of confidentiality. Trust is an intimate emotion, practise or belief that we hold close to our hearts. In today’s blog I thought I would play with the word trust a little deeper by making it an acronym. Time - Are you present in your life, embracing each and every moment, cherishing the being with others and or self. So often I hear from my clients that they don’t have enough time in life for the what they feel is important. If we cannot make time for ourself, how can we possibly make time for others?

Time to build trust in self and for others….. Respect - Are you open to seeing, feeling and considering the abilities, beliefs and standards of others? Many of my clients have neglected the ability to set health boundaries, however they claim to respect others and themselves. People will only treat you the way you allow them too? Unity - Do you encourage unity amongst your friends or do you tend to have groups of friends for different arenas in your life? Unity a sense of togetherness and connection…. a core need for us all. Support - Have you ever felt the need to stand beside somebody and support their idea, their vision? I know I have on many occasions. I know as a parent I have been there for support for my children in their quest to become the young gentleman they are today.

To support is to give guidance, ask questions and create space for the other person to think and explore the endless possibilities. Thanks - Is an opportunity to recognise the contributions of another and also yourself. Way too often I see we are ready to thank others however we do not take the time to genuinely thank ourselves for the contributions we may have made. I often ask my clients how I can build trust for them and get a blank look, as if no body has ever asked them this question before. How do I build trust for you? I remember a time where I too would have looked blankly if asked this very question, however trust is something I cherish. Today more than ever I now appreciate and acknowledge the importance of this question for all. When I explain what trust means to me and the actions you may take to allow me to able to see it, I am giving you the opportunity to build trust in you, for me. You will remember if you can verbalise it, you can create it, hence you can have it. Your Smile 😌 Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it.

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