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Power Up Your Words

Your words can lift people up, tare people down, paint a positive picture and they ultimately create our reality. Boom - Change your words ... Change your reality In todays blog, I share 3 tips to enhance your communication and vocabulary. Change your words ... Change your world" "We all have words that we use frequently, they are shaping your reality. The value of your proximity is key here. Our environments affect the language that we use. The power of your proximity, will see you enhance your vocabulary. Key One - Put yourself into environments that challenge you to level up your language. The trick here is to be present to begin with, listen to the way people are talking, the topics they are sharing and how they are describing their reality. If you are wanting to create change, one of the first things you need to do is to embrace an awareness of where you are in this moment.

When was the last time you were aware of the words you are using? Yes be present, hone in and truly listened to the words you are speaking to describe your day, your relationship, yourself, your colleagues, your activities, and most importantly your outcomes. I know when I did I was surprised at how lazy I had become in my vocabulary. I went back to school and opened a dictionary and a thesaurus. In addition to this I became curious about the origin of words and acknowledging how many of them have changed in meaning over the generations. Key Two - Build awareness be present and listen. Embrace the curiosity and opportunity of becoming a student.

Make a dictionary and a thesaurus a partner when you are writing. Congratulations you have an awareness of the words you are using and I’m confident that you have become aware of some words that you would like to hear more often. Key Three - Now is the perfect opportunity to write a list of words that you want to reconnect with. Take a moment and identify 10 new words you want to begin using. Connect with each one, identifying their meaning and you may also like to learn about their origin.

Research shows us that our words fit into a timeline when we are describing events, experiences etc. Now that you have a few new words, identify where they fit into your vocabulary. Do they sit in the past, present or future when you are using them to describe scenarios, experiences etc. Today more than ever we aware that words can have different meaning for each individual person. Hence it is important that you learn and take time to become curious about your language and how it is shaping the way you experience your every day. A few of the words I have reconnected to are - spontaneous, curious, spectacular, brilliant, awakening, enlightening, stardom, joyful, sorrow, sadness, obsessed I remember as I started to change my vocabulary many of my friends questioned me and asked what I was wanting to achieve. I shared with them that I wanted to enhance my communication and make it interesting for the people who I was engaging and sharing with. To my surprise over the coming weeks their language also began to change. ""Be the example for others to follow."" If you have found this valuable please, consider securing a complimentary coffee chat and continue the discovery of what is truly possible in your life.

For this and many more tips that will assist you in maintaining ""Your Cool Confidence"" please head over to the contact page on my website. Until next time please remember my favourite quote - Your Smile 😎 Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it "