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Leadership is the Link

In the past couple of weeks we have been thrown into a challenge far greater than any individual. We are as a nation are being encouraged to come together and step up to the challenge as one. Wow it sounds like many conversations I’ve heard in board rooms of many large businesses. Unfortunately for many employees of these businesses, they believe the leaders do not walk the talk.

Employees do not leave company’s they leave leaders / managers. In today’s blogs I will share with you what employees are looking for from leaders, especially when we are in a crisis. "Research shows us that in past times of crisis, SARS and 911 for example. People, Employees, Communities etc were looking for leaders who showed the following - Trust, Compassion, Stability and HOPE. Trust - In one’s self, counterparts, team members and colleagues. A leader who trusts the process, the structure and truly believes we can get through the crisis. Leaders who demonstrate an abundance, solution based mindset. A leader who trusts acknowledges they cannot do it alone. Compassion - For what the community, business, country maybe going through. A leader who is aware of the hurt, the fear and anxiety and can still let the individual know they to bring value to the situation / crisis. Togetherness brings security, support and a sense of belonging. A leader who shares compassion is part of the community, has heart. Stability - Not unlike certainty, it’s a core need. In times of crisis we often shrink and hide, going back to the comfort zone and we too often fear judgement, rejection etc. A leader who is stable steps up to the crisis. This Leader will be the person who appears and presents themselves calmly, speaks slowly and with a level of authority. A leader who leads with stability has trust in the structure and plans for success with clarity and confidence. HOPE - Can see the light, embraces tomorrow. A leader who can instil hope brings trust, compassion and stability together and shares the vision for the path ahead. A leader who has hope is influential. I found that too often we have a tendency to focus on weaknesses in the hope that they become strengths. A Leader or Manager wants the best from their people, then does it not make sense to focus on their strengths. We need all types of strengths in business, in groups, in collaboratives for this builds the culture of the organisation. Our culture in the time of crisis becomes a glass house, it becomes transparent.

When the place of employment is truly engaged and acknowledging of the strengths of each individual, it leads to an unwavering focus, that in turn leads to excellence. Your team is more outcome focused, solution based and motivated to do what is needed as they feel valued, appreciated and heard. Are you a leader that provokes these emotions for your workplace? Here at Stairway 2 Dreams, Sandra truly believes we are all leaders. Her thought leadership around this is. Somebody is always watching us, whether you are a parent, partner, friend, career leader, community leader, coach etc and they are looking to see how you respond. How you turn up, roll with the punches and celebrate the wins, how inclusive you are or exclusive on occasion. Somebody is always looking for guidance, support, encouragement and / or an authority to show the way.

This is often you and you do not realise it.

Be your best for the people who look up to you, to show the way. Today more than ever we as leaders need to lead with heart and influence. Join with me today and discover your strengths. Don’t wait, act now - Stairway 2 Dreams is virtual and will deliver this service to your inbox and via a zoom call. Your Smile … Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it.

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