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Fun and Fresh or Stale and Sick

Have you allowed life to get in the way of the fun you want in your relationships? For our relationships to thrive we need to make them a priority and we need to give them our focus and time. I see and hear many relationships are cooling loosing the excitements and slipping into a downward slide. Has your focus changed from the giving to the getting?

Research shows us that when we allow the law of familiarity to creep in we get lazy and ultimately begin to take each other for granted. This is a sure way for your relationships to propel into a downward slide. In business we learn how to create a clients experience and we break it down to insure we deliver above expectations. Have you ever given your friendships / relationships this depth of attention? I wonder what will happen when you do? Remember that relationships are all around us and come in different forms. So you will bring different energies to your relationships. Our relationships are our lives, hence if we do not care for them, give them time and make them a priority they can lead to us becoming disconnected and even lonely. Today I share some tips you can use to keep your relationships fresh and fun. Go for a coffee - if you both enjoy coffee, make time to visit your favourite local coffee shop, you might even find a snack that you can enjoy.

Go to your local pub or club and enjoy the band - Music is great for the sole and ladies especially love the feel of music and it sparks a rhythm that can be therapeutic and cozy little bars are great for snuggling. Grab a picnic - Nature is always good for the body and gives us all a chance to reset. Key is to leave your device either at home or locked in the car. Head out for dinner - Have you got a favourite restaurant or bar. They serve your favourite steak or dessert and they even serve it with ice cream. Maybe you have a favourite table. Go on an adventure - We often get caught up in the comfort of our everyday. Let go and do something adventurous, hiking, kayaking, zip lining, diving etc. Step out side of your comfort zone as this is where the real learning and surprises begin. Plan the ultimate date night - plan an activity that you do not necessarily enjoy doing, however it lights up your partner and they smile brighter than ever. Remember your relationship is as much about giving as spontaneity.

Enjoy the happiness of seeing your partner shine brightly. Today more than ever, we need to take stock, be present in our relationships, give them the time they need to nourish and bloom. Hear what you say, feel what you feel and share your words with kindness, love and joy as you commit to renewing the spark in your relationships If you have found this valuable please, consider securing a complimentary coffee chat and continue the discovery of what is truly possible in your life.

For this and many more tips that will assist you in maintaining ""Your Cool Confidence"" please head over to the contact page on my website. Until next time please remember my favourite quote - Your Smile 😎 Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it.


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