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Fuelling my tank... Balance, Believe, Shine

Balance, Believe, Shine “Fuelling my tank” is a has practise of mine for many years. At 6am I open the door of the local gym, many of my workouts start with a stretching ritual prior to working my muscles groups, completing some cardio and lastly closing off my session with a round of stretches. I can hear some of you saying “Im tired just reading this”. In 2016 I took this to a new level and I want to share how you to can refuel, balance and believe in yourself and this will allow you to shine from within. Many of us on a daily basis are attending to families, servicing clients or caring for others in some way and this can be quite stressful and extremely tiring. So how do I maintain and keep things ticking over without the melt down, the tears or more importantly the burn out?

I simply ensure that I take some time to fuel my tank, do something that allows me to feel centred, balanced or even at peace within. A metaphor I often share is: Think of your motor vehicle that you drove this morning. Each week or few days we take it to the fuel station, why? To put fuel in it to enable us to do all the things we do, shopping, socialising, running the children to their extra activities etc. What would happen if we did not put the fuel in the vehicle? It would stop. Each quarter or so we take the same vehicle to a mechanic for a service and tune. Why, to ensure it keeps going.If you were to look at your self as this vehicle and fuel your tank each few days or weekly and even take your self to an expert for a little bit of personal love and fine tuning, how would it change your life? I started to practise this in 2016 and this practise has seen my life evolve immensely. Yes I have been a gym junkie for many years, however now I compliment this with a massage monthly and I meditate a minimum of 3 times a week.

My meditation is for a minimum of 10 minutes and the space and peace that this has created is astounding. I have adopted a firm belief that if I ensure that my tank is full, I have so much more to share with others. Additionally I have noticed that my focus is sharper and my drive is more purposeful. Some important things I have noticed is that because of the clarity this is providing I have a greater sense of belief that I can do and can be anything I want to be and I do have the ability to make change.I am more aware of the feelings and thoughts that I experience from moment to moment. As a parent, a partner and a business owner I appreciate that people maybe watching, listening or following what I do and say.

Therefore if I lead by example and fuel my tank, then just maybe others will see and embrace their ability to do this for themselves. To explore how to fill your tank ask yourself the following 1. What do I like to do that creates a feeling of peace within? 2. How can I bring this into my day or my week? 3. How will this simple practise enhance my life? 4. Who is stopping me from doing this now? A point to remember. This muscle is like all others, you will need to treat it with kindness and encourage it to support you until it becomes strong. If this approach is new for you, maybe aim to be able to complete it a minimum of 3 times in the first week and workup to being able to do it daily if that is your goal. You may experience set backs, distraction etc. It’s okay just pick it up the next day, stay focused on why you are wanting to do this and how this practise will enhance your well being. To explore this method of enhancing your wellbeing, please contact me at Stairway 2 Dreams. Your smile... your responsibility.

You have the Power to make change. "