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Dark Offices ... Empty Chairs

In the past couple of weeks we have been thrust into remote working environments. Business Leaders and managers are learning on the job and are left scrambling on occasion. Their primary focus is keeping the business going and insuring the safety and livelihood of their team members. Remember they too, are part, of the team. We are in this together. Business owners are supported by research findings indicating if a remote team feels engaged and heard they are often more effective than an in house team. In today’s blog I share with you insight into different engagement styles. This will support you in managing your remote team members in a way that will engage and value them, hence they will be more productive.

Many business leaders rely on team profiling to engage and retain valued team members. Some of you may be aware of the E-DISC model. A behavioural skills analysis that is invaluable in times like this. People do not remember what you say, however, they do remember how you made them feel. This knowledge helps you to connect in ways that will evoke the emotions of being seen, heard and valued. Distance is not a factor when you do this well. Our different styles - D Style - often a front of house executive manager, senior manager, team leader etc. Our D style team members are task focused and they get it done. They like to be heard and are extremely competitive.

They also like to share their wins loud and afar, insure they have the opportunity to do this.. I Style - often in a front of house role, receptionist, customer service, Human Resources role, Marketing role. This style is often driven by the feeling mind, hence they are emotional. Our I style team members often struggle with working remotely. You need to stay in touch and provide the opportunity for them to connect with other team members. They will demonstrate a level of worry for others, hence insure they have a chat platform and be ready for the chatter to happen. S Style - often behind the frontline, administration, autonomous workers. They are happy to be doing the same thing day in day out. Our S Style needs to know the process, the value it brings and most importantly that it has worked in the past. They are very past insured and love tradition. if you say you will do something, ensure you deliver, for this builds evidence of your leadership with S style team members C Style - often the members who are all over the process, procedure, legislation and compliance. Our C Styles need and thrive on the detail. If you are communicating by email, insure you include all of the details so they know what is expected and you want them to deliver. Remember to check in and give your C Style remote team members a chance to ask questions and be heard. There is no style that is better than another, we need all of them in ALL of our teams to insure balance, flow and a level of productivity. For the sole operator, this is important for you to know and embrace E-DISC too. It can be the hand up you may need in these challenging times.

Explore which style you are, embrace it and surround your self with other people who are not the same style. This will allow you to provide support in ways that will help all of you to grow, flourish and achieve your desired results. Remember you are the average of the five people you hang out with. Proximity is key. Today more than ever we as leaders need to use what we have available to insure we succeed. Join with me today and discover your natural strengths, so you can insure you are putting your best foot forward. Don’t wait, act now - Stairway 2 Dreams is virtual and will deliver this service to your inbox and via a zoom call. Your Smile … Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it.

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