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Confidence to Forgiveness

Have you ever felt angry, hurt and disappointed? Have you noticed that these feelings can hang around for days, even weeks. Have you noticed how your body reacts to these feelings? Does your back get sore? Do your knees feel stiff?

Have you noticed how things slow down and become disrupted? Your willingness to make decisions become sluggish. You experience a loss of concentration. You procrastinate over things you would normally action with ease. I have found that when in pain all of the above the emotions present and affect the way I experience the day. They slow me down, create anxiety, frustration and cause self doubt. I have witnessed times of pain when my voice becomes assertive and my tone, short and sharp. My shoulders tense and neck becomes sore. I hear a change in the way I communicate.

My communication becomes judgemental, un-resourceful and a direct reflection of the victim mindset, I am adopting. Research shows us that the power of our focus is strong. Have you noticed that when you focus on how hard things can be that you experience more difficult things. Have you noticed that when you focus on something being easy, the task appears to go smoothly and progresses quite easily. When we share our stories of hurt, anger, disappointment and pain we refresh the event in our minds and relive the feelings and create the pain again. Hence we hold onto the pain, the disappointment and we continue to focus on it. Today I want to share with you the confidence of forgiveness. First and foremost you need to forgive yourself, maybe for signing onto that deal or maybe for not actioning that email quick enough. Forgiveness commences from within.

There is three questions I ask when creating my confidence to forgive myself - What can I do better next time? What outcome would I like to achieve next time? How do I need to grow and change to affect a different result? A key to creating the confidence to forgiveness for ourselves is to adopt the following belief - "I am doing the best I can in any one moment." Your Smile … Your Responsibility - Own it, Wear it, Share it.

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