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Confidence... more please

Many clients come to me and they want to be more confident. Your confidence is closer than you think. In this blog I want to share with you 7 tips for building and maintaining confidence and how you can access more confidence. Confidence is an emotion and like other emotions we can choose to have it or not. I have noticed it is harder to maintain our confidence especially when we are experiencing changes. Confidence is directly linked to your self esteem. How you feel about yourself. How you talk to yourself. When we are going through change we may leave colleagues, friends or acquaintances behind and it is often these people who question our new choices and in fact dint our confidence.

Considering this I ask the following questions and I encourage you to be honest with yourself. Do I like myself? Do I treat myself as well as I do my friends? Do I verbally beat myself up? When I asked myself these questions I answered “No”, to all three of them. Wow what a brain snap that was. At the time I felt I had a good relationship with myself, I dressed well and presented myself professionally and I believed my harsh self talk was to motivate me and to get me out of my own way. You may have heard of a practise called Law of Attraction or manifesting. This also plays out in your ability to have and maintain your confidence. I am often heard to say “What you focus on is what you get at the exclusion of everything else”. If you think and act positively you will attract positivity. If you associate with positive people they will encourage you to be the best you can be. After reading books and listening to many audio tapes I became aware that I have all the confidence I need within me, I just needed to learn how to access it.

So consequently I went in search of my confidence and during this process I became aware of daily practises that I could do to maintain a strong sense of confidence. My 7 tips to building and maintaining “My Confidence” Like Myself - I like myself, my reflection in the mirror. I know and believe “I am enough”. Praise Myself - I praise myself for having a go. I know I can do it and I know I am good at it. Build And Maintain Self Worth - I have acknowledged my capabilities and I appreciate my core values. I find fulfilment in life by learning new skills and sharing them with others. Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway - I acknowledge that fear is future based, therefore what I think might happen may not happen at all. I believe that I can handle anything that comes my way. I Am Strong - I believe that I can handle what comes across my path. I acknowledge that I will not fail and that any feedback I receive is constructive. This is my trigger to do it differently I Am Vulnerable - I can ask for help. I do not need to know it all and I do not need to be everything to everybody. I can say “No”, its okay - It is okay for me to know my boundaries and limits. When I respect my boundaries and limits I am respecting myself. If I respect myself I can ask others to respect me.

When I first started to build a stronger sense of confidence I would read these seven tips daily. Now after 3 years they have become a strong part of my belief system and they support me everyday when I am making those big decisions. My life has been enhanced by these practises and I am confident that yours will be too. Spend some time and listen to the words you use to describe things. Are they motivating yourself or holding yourself back? Do you know how to change your self talk and make it self empowering? If you want to improve your confidence and you are ready to explore how to make the changes.

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