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Awareness … a key to change If you were to rate your awareness between zero to ten, how will you fare? In my blog today I want to share with you the need to build awareness of where you are now and why it is a key to creating any form of change.

Research show us that we all have standards, values and visions. These are apparent in both our personal and business lives. Similar to many other successful business owners I have a vision for my business and this includes identifying my standards and values for my business. These are commonly known and termed as the benchmarks, best practices, or the blue print for Stairway 2 Dreams.

Considering today’s busy lifestyle the question I pose is - “How often do we do this with focus and commitment in our personal lives?” For sometime now I have been encouraging and supporting my clients to explore where they are in this moment. Some of the areas we explore is behaviours, attitudes, results and emotions. These are often referred to as soft skills. These key areas are often the ones that are overlooked in the development of individuals. I encourage my clients to accept that they do not know it all and to explore how they can change, enhance and learn new soft skills. Our environments are changing quickly, we are experiencing flexible workplaces and families where both parents have demanding professional schedules. These all take their toll and add pressure and stress. How do you behave when you are under pressure?

Some time ago when I was a senior manager I was made aware of my behaviours and the way in which I was reacting in times of stress. At the time I did not have the awareness of these behaviours, as like many others I got my sights set on a goal. I was so focussed on the result I tended to charge on through. When I was made aware of the effect this behaviour had on others, I became defensive, angry, hurt, under appreciated and the list goes on. I was encouraged to build my awareness of the trigger for this behaviour and explore ways of controlling it instead of it controlling me. Building an awareness of the effects of this behaviour gave me the opportunity to adapt change. It was not until I shared this with my husband that he too agreed and let me know that this also played out in our relationship and he too would feel like he was walking on egg shells. Do you have a behaviour that is negatively affecting your relationships?

How aware are you of this behaviour and its triggers? I encourage you to explore, build and embrace an awareness in this area. It will be life changing and empowering. Without awareness you cannot choose to change it. I see you, I hear you. It’s time to step up. You are not alone and you are not the first person to need to build a greater awareness. It happens to us all. The way in which you embrace and grow through the change will stand you apart from others. Be the best you can be in this moment. For this and many more tips that will assist you in creating a life on your terms please please head over to the contact page and secure your free coffee chat.

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