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Business Coach | Speaker | Author

Welcome aboard a journey curated and led by Sandy Bartlett, where strategy meets self-belief, and every step forward is a step towards realising the life, the relationships and the career you envision...



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Unlock "The Vault," and discover the essence of continuous growth with a curated collection of Sandy's most impactful resources, crafted to guide you on your journey to personal and professional mastery. Within these digital walls, you'll find an ever-expanding library of blogs, tools, guides, and thought-provoking synopses on must-read books, life-enhancing podcasts, meditations, and more.

Whether you're looking for a strategic framework to apply to your life or a dose of daily inspiration, The Vault is your go-to resource for tools that enlighten and strategies that empower.

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Customers that have worked with Sandy Bartlett through her programs.

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Embrace life with passion and purpose

Embark on a transformative journey with Stairway 2 Dreams, where founder Sandy Bartlett becomes the architect of your potential. With over two decades of mastery in business, strategic direction and leadership development, Sandy has earned the distinction of being Macarthur’s premier Confidence Coach. Her commitment to personal growth is matched only by her dedication to guiding you down the path of self-awareness and into a realm of unparalleled success.

Whether leading entrepreneurs or cultivating team leaders, Sandy's personalised coaching invites you to a deeper self-discovery and strategic action. Her approach is an immersive and personal odyssey towards clarity and confidence, tailored to illuminate the individual strengths that enable you to thrive.


Welcome aboard a journey where strategy meets self-belief, and every step forward is a step towards realising the life, the relationships and the career you envision. With Stairway 2 Dreams, the ascent to your dreams begins with a single, yet profound step: believing in yourself as fervently as Sandy believes in the power of your potential.

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Business Coach

Sandy Bartlett’s coaching philosophy is grounded in the understanding that no two clients are the same. Her tailored strategies are not just about imparting knowledge; they are about nurturing authenticity.

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Sandy tailors her sessions to you. 

  • Sandy's philosophy is centered on achieving a harmonious balance between personal fulfillment and professional growth. She embodies the role of a connector in the Macarthur community, seamlessly integrating her commitments as a family member, business leader, and volunteer, showcasing the possibility of excelling in one's career while maintaining strong community and family ties.

  • Her approach is personalised and authentic, recognising the uniqueness of each client. Sandy's coaching is not just about imparting knowledge but nurturing individual authenticity through adaptable learning concepts. This approach enables clients to take control of their journey, shaping strategies that are genuinely their own for a more effective path to success.

  • At the heart of Sandy's strategy is goal setting, focusing on achieving small, incremental objectives that contribute to larger ambitions. She employs dynamic, visual, and face-to-face learning methods, utilising tools like Extended Disc and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for deeper understanding and engagement. Additionally, she encourages clients to think beyond conventional limits, inspiring them with personal bucket lists to drive motivation and innovation.

Sandy Bartlett's business coaching is tailored for established professionals and entrepreneurs who understand that their business achievements are a direct reflection of their personal journey.

Embrace the 5 Cs

Her philosophy intertwines the courage to investigate your current position in life with the wisdom to envision and pursue your aspirations. Sandy's signature Cool Confidence program is the cornerstone of this philosophy, offering a bespoke approach to personal and professional development. It focuses on five pivotal behaviours that shape your daily interactions and guides you through mindful retraining of your brain to achieve your desired outcomes.

Her holistic method is not just about business acumen; it encapsulates a 'Person First' principle, ensuring that personal growth and leadership walk hand-in-hand. At Stairway 2 Dreams, Sandy supports you in addressing the 5 key behaviours, empowering you to enhance your strengths and illuminate your unique talents.

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Take your business to the next level by deepening personal insights and leadership skills.

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Keynote Speaker,
Facilitator & Presenter

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Sandy Bartlett stands before audiences not just as a speaker, but as a transformative Personal and Leadership Coach, blending the wisdom of personal development with the art of business mastery. Her presentations are more than just talks; they're interactive sessions where mindset meets action, and personal growth aligns with professional excellence. Sandy's focus on forging strong, authentic business relationships is delivered through motivational narratives that inspire self-awareness and leadership prowess.

Captivating & Passionate

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Author of inspiration & experience

Sandy extends the conversation on relationships and personal strategy. She recognises the need for a personalised approach to each client's journey, mirroring this in her writing by providing tools that readers can apply and adapt to their individual lives. Her books encourage readers to explore their day, set it with intention and establish trust in their personal narrative. Sandy's writing is a testament to the power of tailored strategies and the strength found in the authenticity of one’s path.

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“Sounds perfect.
  How do I start?”

As the saying goes, every journey begins with a single step. If you're ready to begin, simply give me a call on 1300 262 246 or click on the book now button below...